• Interdisciplinary Cooperation

    The core of the Junge Akademie consists of the RGs – interdisciplinary Research Groups that address questions from the perspectives of different disciplines. more

  • Academia and Society

    It is an important goal of the Junge Akademie to be involved at the intersection of academia and society and to advance dialogue with unusual means. more

  • Involvement in Science Policy

    We apply ourselves to topics of university and research policy: On behalf of the academy, members keep publishing theses and statements pertaining to science policy which are often broadly discussed. more

  • Structural Freedom

    The Junge Akademie is free to choose its preferred forms of work and organisation – members make decisions together in their Plenums.

  • International Network

    In recent years, many academies for young academics have been founded, right up to the Global Young Academy. The Junge Akademie maintains the exchange of information and is involved in cooperations. more

Prize Question 2017

What's the Net Listening to?

This year's prize question deals with networks: computer networks, spy networks, traffic networks, survey networks, production and distribution networks, social networks in art, science, politics, neural networks… What do they hear? What's the net listening to? With this prize question we want to address the societal, political, economic, artistic and technical scope and significance of networks and networking.

Research Groups


Pictures in science appear in different contexts. Members of the RG Visualisation search for the effects of pictures on visability and perception of the illustrated item.

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The Other

From October 27th to 29th 2016 the conference "Fascination with the Unknown - the Other" will take place in Leipzig. It brings together artists and scientists from different fields. The conference is organized by the RG Fascination and is fully funded.



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Jule Specht

Jule Specht


Freie Universität Berlin

Member since 2014



Performers wanted!

Until August 17th actors and amateur actors can hand in their video application for the participation in the performance "Who was Bertha Pappenheim?". The project is part of the RG Visualisation.

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