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Installation/Symposium Ubiquity

The starting point for the artistic work is a study on trauma processing in children by the psychologist Eva Alisic from the University of Melbourne.

The sound installation Ubiquity was developed by the sound artist and musicologist Miriam Akkermann (alumna of Die Junge Akademie) in collaboration with the programmer and composer Andre Bartetzki and the psychologist Eva Alisic (alumna of the Global Young Academy) as well as the psychologist and neuroscientist Philipp Kanske (alumnus of Die Junge Akademie). The starting point for the artistic work is a study on trauma processing in children by the psychologist Eva Alisic from the University of Melbourne. Aspects of the study are brought to life sonically on 18 Plexiglas panels equipped with transducers.

The installation was first shown together with the scientific symposium "Ubiquity - New Perspectives on Experienced Traumas" in November 2019 in Dresden (Blaue Fabrik); in December 2019 the installation was shown in Melbourne (DAX Gallery).

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Ubiquity In Berlin

After a two-year break, the sound installation was once again open to the public. It was on display at the KlanGalerie in Berlin from 1 to 12 December 2021. Photos: Die Junge Akademie / Stefanie Loos

Trailer "Ubiquity"


How does ubiquity sound? What is the sound of ubiquity like after traumatic experiences? What is a traumatic experience? What is ubiquity?

The audio installation is based on audio snippets taken from the „The Ear for Recovery”, a project on trauma recovery of children who experienced a potentially traumatic event, such as a serious injury. The audio snippets allow us glimpses of their lives after these events, taking us into their kitchens, to their living rooms and showing us their favorite TV shows. In some rare moments, the families share their sorrows or fragments of their stories.

The sound installation presents these snippets related to the study’s findings and aims to create a space that invites listeners to reflect on what life is like. It confronts the visitor with tensions between the mundane and the deep, the emotional and the practical, and the worlds of adults and children – with all the ordinary routines and with all the beauty of daily life.



The symposium "Ubiquity - New Perspectives on Experienced Traumas", organized by Philipp Kanske, took place in the rooms of the Blue Factory in Dresden. The symposium dealt with current scientific findings on the psychology of traumata.

The symposium took place as part of the EACLIPT (European Congress on Clinical Psychology and Psychological Treatment) conference.



New developments in differentiating trauma- and stress-related disorders and therapies

Andreas Maercker (University of Zurich)


Early life adversity as a transdiagnostic risk factor and implications for treatment

Thomas Ehring (LMU Munich)


Ear for Recovery: Parent-child conversations in the aftermath of injury

Eva Alisic (University of Melbourne)


About the installation: Ubiquity – New Perspectives on Traumatic Experiences

Miriam Akkermann (TU Dresden)

12:10 Break


Beneficial effects of compassion-informed approaches for boosting trauma-focussed therapy in PTSD after interpersonal trauma

Anke Karl (University of Exeter)


The impact of war and torture and effective and feasible treatment approaches for refugees

Maria Böttche (Freie Universität Berlin)



15:00 End of the symposium

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