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    • Unspoken

      Under the title "Ungesagtes" ("Unspoken"), the five articles and one discussion deal with aspects that one would tend to contrast with and deduct from the ideal of objectivity of science as "subjective" parts. On the one hand, it is about what the researching subject brings into the scientific work in often subtle ways: own views, emotions, values, personal beliefs. On the other hand, the influence of everything subjective on human behavior is itself also a topic of research.


      Garvin Brod, Simon Wolfgang Fuchs, Julia Gurol, Sebastian Hellmeier, Viola Priesemann, Mira Sievers

      Berlin 2023

    • Workshop „Global Publics and their Actors“

      Valeska Huber, historian and member of Die Junge Akademie, and the team of her Emmy Noether Research Group “Reaching the People: Communication and Global Orders in the Twentieth Century” will organize a one-day workshop on “Global Publics and their Actors” on September 9, 2022.


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      Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities

      09:30 — 17:00

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