Transfer of Innovation

TROIA covers central topics of academia such as innovation and innovation transfer.

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Our research group Transfer of Innovation in Academia (TROIA) serves as a holistic platform within Die Junge Akademie. TROIA covers central topics of academia such as innovation and innovation transfer.

Scientists – no matter what discipline they come from – often pioneer new ideas and thoughts. Transferring these impulses to society and industry is an important and responsible task that TROIA aims to cover. Therefore, topics of TROIA’s work include technology start-ups, social entrepreneurship and the sharing economy amongst others. Simultaneously, TROIA aims to analyze public innovation promotion and innovation financing.


Symposium "Technology and Innovation Transfer"

On November 7, 2022, the symposium “Technology and Innovation Transfer” took place in Berlin, initiated and organized by the German University Alliance (UA) 11+, with Die Junge Akademie as a cooperation partner together with the Stifterverband.

Germany offers good conditions for conducting research efficiently and transferring scientific findings to industry in a meaningful way through innovation. At the same time, it is difficult in practice to produce innovations in exchange with industry. Systemic hurdles, but also structural challenges, are responsible for this.

Spin-offs from the science system are a good way to realise the necessary processes. At the same time, the aforementioned hurdles and challenges must be removed, not least so that what happens in science and is invested in it flows back into society.

As part of the symposium "Technology and Innovation Transfer" initiated by the German University Alliance (UA) 11+, individual aspects of transfer in Germany were highlighted. Representatives from science, business and politics discussed key topics such as the importance of transfer for the positioning of universities, transfer as an engine for business and society - both regional and supraregional funding aspects, transfer and its importance for the environment and sustainability, and the future of transfer.

The members of the research group Transfer of Innovation in Academia of Die Junge Akademie Isabel Nahal Schellinger, Michael Saliba and Timo de Wolff have contributed to the content of the event and were participants in the discussion panels.


Fireside Talks


Within the framework of a summer discussion evening, the members of AG TROIA meet Claudia Lehmann. She is the Managing Director of the Center for Leading Innovation and Cooperation (CLIC) at the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management and will provide interesting insights into her decades of experience with the topics of innovation and innovation transfer.


The TROIA members are organising a fireside evening with Clemens Waitz to talk to him about his experiences with scientific start-up ventures. Waitz is a specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law. Numerous awards accompany his professional career, including the honour as best lawyer 2020 in the field of venture capital. He is a founding partner of the prestigious Berlin law firm Vogel Heerma Waitz, which was awarded, among others, Law Firm of the Year in Private Equity and Venture Capital 2021.


Together with the research group Artificial Intelligence, RG TROIA hosted a winter fireside evening with astrophysicist and Erium founder Theo Steininger. Our members talked to him about his scientific and entrepreneurial path. Among other things, Theo Steininger addressed technical, social and legal points in the field of artificial intelligence.


Digital Health Summit

Isabel N. Schellinger will be a panellist on the topic of „Clinical Innovation and Entrepreneurship“.


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