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  • Symposium „Politik und Wissenstransfer“

Symposium „Politik und Wissenstransfer“


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13:15 — 18:15

Europasaal der Vertretung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen beim Bund
Hiroshimastraße 12–16
10785 Berlin

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With its 14 member universities from nine German states, the University Alliance (UA) 11+ has many years of extensive expertise in the field of transfer. For years, universities have had a structure-building effect in their respective regions and beyond, and work with local stakeholders on transfer issues. Since transfer plays an important role as a cross-sectional area of research and teaching at universities, the University Alliance (UA) 11+ is organizing a three-part transfer event series focusing on technology and innovation transfer, knowledge transfer between science and politics, e.g. in the form of policy advice, and transfer in relation to social innovations.

In the 2nd transfer event on the topic of "Policy and Knowledge Transfer" on January 31, 2023, the following aspects will be examined in more detail and discussed together with experts from science, entrepreneurs and representatives from politics in 2 panel discussions:

  • How does knowledge transfer between science and politics work?
  • What are the national and international challenges?
  • What would be future strategies for innovation and trade policy?
  • What influence do these have on the research and funding landscape?

In the second panel discussion "Future strategies of innovation and trade policy and their influence on the research and funding landscape" Michael Saliba will represent the RG Transfer of Innovation in Academia (TROIA).

Cooperation partner of the event is the Stifterverband, sponsor of the event is the Heinz Nixdorf Foundation.

The Stifterverband, which is closely associated with technology transfer and the analysis and optimization of innovation processes, is heavily involved in the dialog between science, business and civil society. The Stifterverband makes recommendations for political decisions and provides impulses on how knowledge transfer can be applied in practice.

The Heinz Nixdorf Foundation is committed to promoting science, research and teaching, and in particular vocational training and continuing education in the field of technology. Central to the Heinz Nixdorf Foundation is also its strong commitment to projects that strengthen the solidarity-based society and the democratic state.

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