Expedition Anthropocene

What are the human impacts at different altitudes and vegetation zones and what are the impacts of climate change on the local population?

As part of the "Expedition Anthropocene" project, six members of Die Junge Akademie travelled to Ecuador from 22 February to 9 March 2020. Assuming that the challenges of climate change on the part of science can only be met in an interdisciplinary way, one goal was to jointly explore the ways and limits of modern interdisciplinary cooperation. Using methods from glaciology, biology, chemistry, sound ecology, computer science and medicine, the team traced human influences at different altitudes and vegetation zones and recorded the effects of climate change on the local population. While the glacier retreat already allowed for initial findings on site, the evaluation of data on biodiversity, sound-ecological changes and possible microplastic deposits in the ice, for example, is pending for the follow-up phase. It is also important to evaluate results on the question of how a common language, approaches and methods can be found so that the so often propagated interdisciplinarity actually works.

All information on the expedition can be found on the website. expedition.diejungeakademie.de zu finden.

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