Ricarda Winkelmann

year 2015

Potsdam-Institut für Klimafolgenforschung

Telegrafenberg A62
14473 Potsdam

Ricarda Winkelmann

Research areas

  • Anthropogenic climate change

  • Tipping elements

  • Antarctic ice dynamics

  • Sea-level rise


    • A cover photo of the calendar. The title "Changing Perspectives" is written in blue at the top. Below it, in yellow letters, are the letters "2020" and the pinwheel from the Junge Akademie logo.
    • Dissent!

      What would the sciences be without controversy - after all, science is also a competition of theses, methods and ideas. This is the starting point for the new issue of the JAM, which is devoted to dissent between various disciplinary perspectives. To this end, we have compiled strategies for effective debates from a wealth of historical disputes in science. There is also room for controversy over the redesign of the JAM, which is being published in this issue, for the first time, as a poster.


      Lukas Haffert, Oliver Rymek, Erik Schilling, Ricarda Winkelmann