• Visions / Solutions

    Extension: Until Mai 15th 2020, Die Junge Akademie is searching for visions and solutions for a sustainable future. Submit your texts, pictures, films, songs or other formats for a chance to win up to 2000 €. more


  • Cha(lle)nging Perspectives

    Whether it’s sustainability, art, controversy or artificial intelligence – 2020 will bring the important questions of today to center stage. more


  • diejungeakademie@

    Die Junge Akademie active on the net! Many of the events of the anniversary year now take place online. New topics, new discussion partners, new settings due to the Corona pandemic.  more



"Vom Guten im Schlechten": der neue Kalender 2021 der Jungen Akademie

Wie gelingt es, in schwierigen Zeiten optimistisch zu bleiben? Unser neuer Taschenkalender 2021 geht dem "Guten im Schlechten" nach. Mit zwölf wissenschaftlichen Betrachtungen und einer Werkserie von Julian Charrière ist er ein Plädoyer für die Wissenschaften, die Kunst und ihre Verbindungen zur Gesellschaft.


Current Situation


We constantly monitor the current development of the COVID 19 pandemic and the governmental requirements for its containment and adapt our event formats and hygiene measures accordingly.




Nadja Klein

Nadja Klein

Statistics and Data Science

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Member since 2020


Music & Mathematics

Digital Symposium

On 16th and 17th of April 2021, the two-day symposium "Music & Mathematics" with lectures and musical contributions will be held digitally via Zoom.



Cha(lle)nging Perspectives, 24.03.2021

Talk with Chantal Mouffe

Members of the Junge Akademie discussed "Cultures of Debate" in politics and science with Chantal Mouffe. The conversation from March 24 can now be seen on our Youtube channel.



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