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Workshop "AI and University"


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Frankfurt am Main

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On 10 and 11 January 2020, the RG Artificial Intelligence is organising its first workshop in Frankfurt am Main entitled "AI and University". On the first day, the workshop will deal with the topic "AI research despite basic data protection regulations". On the second day, the focus will be on "Using AIs in Education" (so-called Learning Analytics).

The first workshop day starts with an impulse from Prof. Nikolaus Marsch. Marsch teaches constitutional law and data protection law at Saarland University and is one of the best experts on the subject in Germany. He has habilitated on the fundamental rights and European dimensions of data protection. Prof. Dirk Ifenthaler could be won for a keynote lecture on Learning Analytics on the second day. Ifenthaler heads the Chair for Learning, Design and Technology at the University of Mannheim and is UNESCO Deputy Chair of Data Science in Higher Education Learning at Curtin University in Australia. He is also the editor of several journals and special volumes on learning analytics and heads several relevant research projects, such as the BMBF project STELA (Utilizing Learning Analytics for Study Success).

In the future, the research group aims to make its voice heard - not only, but especially - in the field of education with concrete proposals for regulation (model rules) in science policy.

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