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  • Rebellious Teaching Masterclass 2: Refusing to play the ‘respectability’ game – rejecting the stereotypical academic persona

Rebellious Teaching Masterclass 2: Refusing to play the ‘respectability’ game – rejecting the stereotypical academic persona


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16:00 — 17:00


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In our second Masterclass, moderated by Rebellious Teaching founder Nausikaä El-Mecky, Dr. Reyhan Şahin aka Lady Bitch Ray (PhD Linguistic) und Madita Oeming (Porn Studies Paderborn) will discuss the advantages and challenges of refusing to put on a typical academic ‘Mask’: We will discuss the freedom but also the friction this can cause – ways of dealing with criticism and prejudice – and how to remain resilient and open at the same time.

Places are limited. Registration required: diejungeakademie.de The free event will take place digitally in English via Zoom and will not be recorded.

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