Mentoring programme for scholars in need

Members of Die Junge Akademie establish mentoring programme for refugee scholars

Foto: Towfiqu barbhuiya via Unsplash

Die Junge Akademie offers its support to refugee scholars as part of a mentoring programme.

Mentors from various disciplines would like to help those interested find their way through the numerous funding opportunities. The aim is to provide information about the various support services that are currently available in the German research landscape, to give a basic introduction to the German academic system, and to provide discipline-specific advice on settling in and finding suitable funding opportunities.

Interested scholars who would like to receive this support can contact the following address with their request and, if applicable, their thematic focus:

- Art History
- Astrophysics
- Biology (especially zoology, behavioural biology, evolutionary biology, genetics)
- Biophysics & statistical physics
- Chemical and mechanical engineering / Nanotechnology
- Chemistry and Biochemistry, specifically Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
- German Linguistics / Language Didactics
- History / Global History
- Medieval Studies
- Museums
- numerical mathematics / scientific computing
- Physics of the Early Universe / Theoretical Physics
- (practical) Philosophy
- Psychology
- Sinology / Political Science / History of Science
- Social Sciences / Social Structural Analysis

On 24 February, the Board of Die Junge Akademie most strongly condemned Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine. "Russia's attack against Ukraine is a clear violation of the prohibition on the use of force as enshrined in the UN Charter", said Paulina Starski, law professor specializing in international law and member of Die Junge Akademie's Board, in her statement at the time.


The DAAD collects further support offers for students and researchers from Ukraine on its website.


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