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  • Die Junge Akademie’s office has a new Managing Director

Die Junge Akademie’s office has a new Managing Director

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The Berlin office will be headed by Science Manager Alexandra Heidle-Chhatwani from October

Alexandra Heidle-Chhatwani will join Die Junge Akademie’s office in Berlin as Managing Director on 1 October 2021. Ms Heidle-Chhatwani holds a doctorate in religious studies, took a part-time degree in science management at the German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer, and has worked as a science manager for a variety of institutions. Her previous roles include manager of the Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global Context” at Heidelberg University as well as Administrative Director of the German Historical Institute in Paris.

“In my view, Die Junge Akademie represents research which is independent and thought leading. My goal is to work with the office team to support our members in continuing this way of working. I very much look forward to this,” says Heidle-Chhatwani.

“In Alexandra Heidle-Chhatwani, Die Junge Akademie will be gaining an excellent science manager with extensive interdisciplinary and international experience – a perfect match with Die Junge Akademie’s profile,” comments Astrid Eichhorn, spokesperson for Die Junge Akademie and physicist at the University of Southern Denmark.

The staff at the Berlin office coordinate the working groups and projects of Die Junge Akademie, providing administrative, organisational and communications support for the fifty members’ interdisciplinary work at the interface of science and society. Heidle-Chhatwani follows Marion Schulte zu Berge, who was Managing Director of the office of Die Junge Akademie from 2016 until 2021 and joined the German Advisory Council on Global Change in April 2021.

Die Junge Akademie was founded in 2000 as the world’s first academy for outstanding young academics. Its members – who come from all academic disciplines as well as creative fields – explore the potential and limits of interdisciplinary work in new projects, aim to encourage dialogue between academia and society, and provide new impetus in discussions about scientific policy. Die Junge Akademie is supported by the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities (BBAW) and the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina. Its office is located in Berlin.


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