Jan Hennings

Early Modern History
year 2016

Central European University

Department of History

Quellenstraße 51 1100 Wien Österreich

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    • Internationalisierung im Fokus: Innenansichten aus dem deutschen Wissenschaftssystem

      Internationalisation, quo vadis? Members of the Research Group Internationalisation conducted focus group interviews with 17 stakeholders within the German academic landscape. The results of the qualitative analysis of these discussions are summarised in this contribution to the debate.


      Anna L. Ahlers, Jan Hennings, Fabian Schmidt

      Berlin 2023

    • Change of roles

      We all change roles in different life situations. This is not different in science, as the Covid-19 situation shows particularly clearly with regard to the role of scientists, for example as communicators and advisors of politicians. But role changes are also omnipresent as an object of science. Issue 27 of JAM approaches the topic from different perspectives.


      Astrid Eichhorn, Michael Saliba, Erik Schilling

      Berlin 2020

      Grafik mit farbigen Streifen und dem Schriftzug "Rollenwechsel"
    • Panel Discussion & Round Table: University Histories and the Place of the University Today

      What is the place of the university in contemporary society? What should be the physical characteristics of the university as a space in the public sphere? This event will reflect on these and related questions and bring the example of CEU to bear on the history of universities – and the other way around.

      We will be addressing the “place” of the university in a double sense: in terms of the complex relations between the university and society, and in terms of the physical space created by the university’s architecture. Depending on the university model, the social and political place of the university can vary dramatically: a research university arguably has a different role to play than a liberal arts college. Likewise, a university’s place on the urban map and its spatial organization can reveal much about how concepts of teaching and research have changed over time, about distinctions between academic and other forms of knowledge, about division and convergence between different disciplines, about the ways in which universities generate and transmit knowledge, and about the role they have played (or were meant to play) in public life.

      The event will be held in English. It is organized by Junge Akademie members Jan Hennings and Fabian Krämer and will take place in CEU's newly inaugurated building in Quellenstrasse in Vienna. It will bring historians of science and universities into a conversation with actors and planners of university life.


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      Central European University, Quellenstraße 51, 1100 Wien, Österreich

      17:30 — 20:00