Transport Processes

Transport processes play a vital role in many scientific areas.

Be it macroscopic material cycles in ecology or transport phenomena of air masses and pollutants in meteorology, be it the transport of electrons or charge carriers in solid bodies, of biological substances or chemical polymers in physics, biology and chemistry. The RG concerned itself with these transport processes to focus the diverse scientific activities in the field of transport processes research within the Junge Akademie.

In 2003, cooperating with the University of Marburg's Department of Chemistry, the RG Transport Processes organised a colloquium with Prof. Dr. Yoav Eichen from Technion in Israel entitled "Biological components for electronics: from fiction to science". Together with Yoav Eichen and other researchers from other universities, the RG applied for external funding with the VolkswagenStiftung's (Volkswagen Foundation) research focus "Complex Materials".

From August 2003, the group of researcher was funded with 0.8 million Euros over the course of three years to conduct the ambitious scientific project "Conducting electrons through new, self-assembling systems".

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