The Biosciences' Power of Interpretation

In acedemic an social discourses, the biosciences have been ascribed a superior power of interpretation over the last years.

The Research Group asks the question, where this power of interpretation is coming from and what it says about current concepts of academia, society, humans, life or the body. Beyond that, conflicting interpretive claims in biosciences and other disciplines were examined from historical, epistemological and cultural studies' perspectives.

The joint considerations of the RG lead to a publication on conflicts between cultural and bioscientific claims to the interpretation of cultural phenomena.


In 2002 and 2005, the RG organised panel discussions with invited guest from academia and the media.

Publication and Interviews

The results of the RG's work are documented in the volume "Zur Deutungsmacht der Biowissenschaften", published by mentis Verlag in 2008; also, the RG conducted several interviews with renowned scientists.

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