Solidarity with Ukraine

Ad hoc statement


The Board of Die Junge Akademie most strongly condemns the blatant violation of international law that Russia is committing in waging war against Ukraine. We stand in full solidarity with the Ukrainian population and in particular, all scientists, scholars and artists in Ukraine, who are now faced with the direst consequences and inconceivable suffering. We take hope in recognizing that parts of the Russian population do not back this war. We remain strong in our belief that autocratic dictatorships will never determine the future of Europe nor the world.

”Russia's attack against Ukraine is a clear violation of the prohibition on the use of force as enshrined in the UN Charter. Nothing that Russian President Vladimir Putin cited to justify his actions in his bizarre speech broadcast in the early hours of this morning can justify Russian aggression under international law. It is an attack against the very foundations of the international legal order, which will inevitably lead to immeasurable pain and suffering‟, said Paulina Starski, law professor specializing in international law and member of Die Junge Akademie's Board."

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