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  • Rebellious Teaching Online Masterclass “Go Rebel, Use the Collective Creativity of Groups”

Rebellious Teaching Online Masterclass “Go Rebel, Use the Collective Creativity of Groups”



The first online masterclass of the Rebellious Teching project is held. Speaker is the Conversation Designer Ruben Klerkx. In his workshop the participants will jointly explore the question why so many ideas are not shared and developed and how this can be changed.

About the Masterclass

Ideas are worth their weight in gold! And that makes us rich people. Everyone has ideas. All day long. A lot. Usually they pop up and stay somewhere in the back of our minds. Usually we don't bother to test them. We don't share them with the outside world. Because they are unfinished, blurred, look so big or just so small. They dissipate, dilute, lose momentum, or turn into complaints without action. And that is a shame! That is how we throw money away and years go by without real innovation. The more ideas you can generate and share as a team, the greater your innovative power becomes.

In this workshop you will learn why we share so few of our ideas. And you will experience how you can adapt your interactions so that more is shared. Result? The collective creativity and intelligence of your group/class/team increases. One thing is certain: after this workshop your online sessions will look totally different!

About Rebellious Teaching

Rebellious Teaching is a growing community of educators, artists, activists and researchers and anyone else interested in using subversive, edgy methods to teach. We believe that inclusivity and creativity are fundamental parts of education, and that everyone can be an educator.

We are not tied to any particular discipline or educational form, welcoming all unusual approaches to teaching in any setting: from primary school to university, from museum to zoom conference. The real-world experiences from our community of rebellious teachers show that much more is possible than we might think – and that support for breaking the rules can come from where you least expect it.

Rebellious Teaching is a Junge Akademie project led by Nausikaä El-Mecky. It has been developing ties to professional and potential educators from all over the world, and has been featured in, amongst others, The Scotsman, Deutschland Funk and Bayerischer Rundfunk.

About the speaker

Ruben Klerkx is a Conversation Designer and Facilitator & Practitioner of Engagement & Interaction. He helps people to deal with complex situations and challenges by working on their creativity, interactions and co-creations.

Ruben strongly believes that our ideas are worth gold and that we too much neglect our ideas. By creating a safe space to be yourself and practice selfdiscovery in groups he proves that more ideas evolve and even better ideas get real. It's all about people and the way they design their conversations.

participating Alumnae / Alumni

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