Water is undoubtedly a very special liquid. Not only did it influence the development of life on earth and our lifestyle habits, but also our thinking about the origin of the things around us.

Although it generally serves as a prime example for a liquid per se, the chemical and physical properties of water are more than exceptional. And although it is, due to its importance, the most researched liquid, many of its properties remain opaque.

The RG Water addressed an important sub-area of water research, the research of water and aqueus solutions in limited geometries, like minute water pockets in rocks and minerals or water in biological cells, in atmospheric cloud droplets or in emulsions. Moreover, the RG Water acknowledged water's transdisciplinary significance by working closely with musicians.

One of the RG members' scientific-interdisciplinary single projects dealt with the freezing of ice in small drops of water and aqueus solutions. For this, the University of Ulm is conducting and analysing experiments on mini-emulsions with ammonium sulphate solutions of varying concentration. The results were compared to existing measurements from Bielefeld concerning larger drops of the same solutions and interpreted with the aid of water activity-based nucleation theory.


"Water – can clouds be heard?"

Measured data, or ultimately, water, in a most unusual shape: The RG chose an acoustic, rather than a graphical, form of expression for the exhibition "Water – can clouds be heard?" and several performances.

Article in the Junge Akademie Magazin

There was an article on the project entitled "Music from Clouds" in the first issue of the Junge Akademie Magazin which also included an audio CD.

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