German junior professorship put to scrutiny

A new survey, undertaken by the Junge Akademie, shows grave differences in the organisation of junior professorships.

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No Childrens' Game: Peer Review prepares for real life in Academia

'Peer Review' – it's at the heart of science. No one, who wants to work and publish scientifically can do without it. The Junge Akademie now invented a game of the same name: Peer Review: a "Science Simulation Game".

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Young Academies award prizes for the best answers to the prize question: "Who Gets Carried Away by Europe?"

On Saturday the German Junge Akademie jointly with a number of young partner academies in Europe awarded prizes for the best answers to their prize question "Who Gets Carried Away by Europe?". During the academic ceremony of the...

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Outstanding and dedicated - ten new members for the Junge Akademie

At the annual celebration on 6 June 2015, the Junge Akademie welcomed ten new members into its midst, among them one artist and nine junior scientists from various disciplines, ranging from biophysics to the history of science. ...

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How suitable is German academia for families?

The Junge Akademie's blog "academia and family" poses critical questions and searches for (new) answers.

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