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Junge Akademie enriched by entry of ten new members

The Junge Akademie consists of 50 members. On 10 June 2017, ten outstanding new members joined the ranks of the academy for emerging scientific talent | New Board inaugurated

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Academic freedom in the EU under threat

New legislative proposal in Hungarian parliament threatens the existence of the Central European University (CEU)

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From deep archives to outer space – ten new members join the Junge Akademie

On 11 June 2016 the Junge Akademie welcomed ten new members, excellent and highly motivated scholars who come from a great variety of disciplines. Among them, to name just a few, are legal scholars, mathematicians, historians,...

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German junior professorship put to scrutiny

A new survey, undertaken by the Junge Akademie, shows grave differences in the organisation of junior professorships.

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No Childrens' Game: Peer Review prepares for real life in Academia

'Peer Review' – it's at the heart of science. No one, who wants to work and publish scientifically can do without it. The Junge Akademie now invented a game of the same name: Peer Review: a "Science Simulation Game".

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