• Visions / Solutions

    Extension: Until Mai 15th 2020, Die Junge Akademie is searching for visions and solutions for a sustainable future. Submit your texts, pictures, films, songs or other formats for a chance to win up to 2000 €. more


  • Cha(lle)nging Perspectives

    Whether it’s sustainability, art, controversy or artificial intelligence – 2020 will bring the important questions of today to center stage. more


  • diejungeakademie@

    Die Junge Akademie active on the net! Many of the events of the anniversary year now take place online. New topics, new discussion partners, new settings due to the Corona pandemic.  more


Continuing our work

Online Events of Die Junge Akademie

Due to the Corona pandemia, Die Junge Akademie is hosting events online. For more information, check out our calendar, and our 20th-anniversary website. Our office is working from home, and can be reached by email only.


Research Groups

RG Internationalisation

What impact does internationalisation have on the German academic landscape? The RG Internationalisation seeks to investigate this and other questions.

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Alkomiet Hasan

Alkomiet Hasan

Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Clinical Neuroscience

Klinikum der Universität München

Member since 2016




Members of Die Junge Akademie present in their paper how an effective and lasting control and containment of the COVID-19 infection could be possible.



Expedition Anthropocene

Expedition to Ecuador

From 22 February to 9 March, six members of Die Junge Akademie went on an interdisciplinary expedition to Ecuador. They searched for the sometimes disturbing traces of man in his environment and tested how interdisciplinary research works today.




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