Transfer of Innovation in Academia (TROIA)

The Research Group

Our research group Transfer of Innovation in Academia (TROIA) serves as a holistic platform within Die Junge Akademie. TROIA covers central topics of academia such as innovation and innovation transfer.

Scientists – no matter what discipline they come from – often pioneer new ideas and thoughts. Transferring these impulses to society and industry is an important and responsible task that TROIA aims to cover. Therefore, topics of TROIA’s work include technology start-ups, social entrepreneurship and the sharing economy amongst others. Simultaneously, TROIA aims to analyze public innovation promotion and innovation financing.

26.01.2022: FIRESIDE TALK

Together with the research group Artificial Intelligence, RG TROIA is hosting a fireside evening with astrophysicist and Erium founder Theo Steininger. Our members will talk to him about his scientific and entrepreneurial path. Among other things, Theo Steininger will address technical, social and legal points in the field of artificial intelligence.

10.-12.11.2021: Digital Health Summit

Isabel N. Schellinger will be a panellist on the topic of „Clinical Innovation and Entrepreneurship“.