The Future of Employment

The Research Group

The RG The Future of Employment has engaged with questions concerning the future of employment under the following three aspects:

  • empirically: There is no other sociopolitical field in which descriptive claims in the public 'opinion market' diverge quite so much; even the description of the situation is connected to massive political and economical interests. On the other hand, opposing political demands can easily be based on similar analyses, for instance in the coalition government of 2005-2009.
  • visionary: Proposals for solutions going beyond a current 'managemenent of deficiency' do exist; for this, the inclusion of a historical perspective was illuminating.
  • (science and culture) policy: What does this mean for the organisation of knowledge and academia? Connected to this were considerations of what role concepts of academic culture or the model of a patent- and copyright play in this debate. The discussion further centered around if innovative academic and creative work can be remunerated fairly in an open source system.

The RG The Future of Employment concluded its work when RG spokesperson Julian Klein left the Junge Akademie in 2008.



  • Julian Klein


    Julian Klein
    IKF - Institut für künstlerische Forschung, Berlin
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  • Matthias Leistner

    Matthias Leistner
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  • Verena Lepper

    Verena Lepper
    Egyptology and Semitic Studies
    Ägyptisches Museum und Papyrussammlung Berlin
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  • Berthold Rittberger

    Berthold Rittberger
    Political Science
    Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
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  • Jörg Rössel

    Jörg Rössel
    Universität Zürich (Schweiz)
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  • Waltraud Schulze

    Waltraud Schulze
    Universität Hohenheim
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