Teaching as an Adventure

Teaching as an Adventure

Proposals Aimed at Improving University Education

Good teaching can neither be talked into prospective teaching professionals nor prescribed. Good, successful teaching instead needs to be founded on the individual teacher and their specialist expertise, enthusiasm, and imagination. This volume offers a range of inspiring teaching concepts for all disciplines, and stands for the things that characterise academic work as it should be – curiosity, the joy of discovery and adventure.

Over 40 essays see contributing academics from all disciplines report not only on the innovative teaching methods they have encountered, but also on the teaching concepts and formats they themselves have developed and implemented. From American Studies to Zoology, they illustrate how teaching can simultaneously contain research-based and practically oriented elements. The volume brings together renowned academics, such as Ute Frevert, Wolfgang Frühwald, and Margret Wintermantel, numerous Ars legendi award-winners, and many members of the Junge Akademie. The voices of students are also aired.


Matthias Klatt, Junior Professor of Public Law, European Law, International Law, and the Philosophy of Law at the University of Hamburg.

Sabine Koller, Dr. habil., Slavicist and Romaniste, currently working as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Regensburg.

Both editors were members of the Junge Akademie from 2007 to 2012.


Publication: "Lehre als Abenteuer"

Matthias Klatt, Sabine Koller (Hrsg.): Lehre als Abenteuer. Anregungen für eine bessere Hochschulausbildung, Frankfurt 2012. 252 Seiten, Broschur, 19,90 Euro. Auch als E-Book erhältlich.