Position paper

Discussions surrounding the Debate of November 2007 and subsequent deliberations within the Junge Akademie led to the drafting of the position paper “On the Future of Teaching at German Universities”. The paper was presented in April 2008 and met with a significant response within the German academic landscape.

The paper sees RG Teaching formulate proposals drawing on three central theses:

  • The quality of university teaching can be enhanced to a particularly great extent by way of building bridges between research and teaching. Amongst other steps, this necessitates the retention of the current personnel category “professor” and greater emphasis on research during university studies.
  • Faculties and specialist departments already have the most important tool for ensuring the delivery of good teaching at their disposal: when recruiting, they should take not only candidates’ research achievements, but also their teaching ability into consideration. In particular, the latter should be weighted much more heavily than is currently the case.
  • Good teaching thrives in a context of personal contact and intellectual freedom. The across-the-board introduction of tutorials and mentor programmes is therefore recommended in order to enhance the guidance students receive. In addition, the shifting of focus onto project-oriented learning is to be accompanied by a corresponding reduction in the time dedicated to traditional lectures.