A debate on the topic of “Where does research end, and where does teaching start?” was held in Berlin in November 2007. Participants included Karin Lochte (Chair of the Scientific Commission at the Council of Science and Humanities), Frieder Meyer-Krahmer (State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research), and Jürgen Mlynek (President of the Helmholtz Association).

The discussion focused on the following questions in particular:

  • How realistic is it to expect someone who does not engage in research to deliver good teaching? How realistic is it to expect good research from someone who does not teach?
  • How can it be ensured that professorships with a teaching element do not lack appeal as an alternative career for women?
  • How should young academics train for which career paths: young academics vs. young researchers?

 The opinions put forward by the three guests were commented on by Junge Akademie members Matthias Klatt, Sabine Koller, and Kärin Nickelsen. The debate was chaired by Thomas Großbölting.





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