Frontiers of Quantum Theory

Workshop 2010: "Quantum Coherence and Entanglement on Macroscopic Scales"


The Research Group held a workshop from May 6-8th 2010 which was concerned with the topic of quantum coherence in various disciplines of physics and from a philosophical view. The workshop focused on the current research area of entanglement on macroscopic scales, which plays a central role in many areas of modern physics, for instance in quantum information processing in electronic nano structures, or in cosmology. As a part of the workshop, we visited the currently most impressive experiment of photon entanglement across 140 kilometers between the islands of La Palma and Tenerife, which holds the distance record for entangled photons.

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Workshop 2008

Workshop 2008: "Frontiers of Quantum Theory: Reality and Randomness"

In April 2008 the Research Group invited interested parties to Berlin for a workshop entitled "Frontiers of Quantum Theory: Reality and Randomness".

In the context of the workshop, which consisted of short presentations and contributions to the discussion, physicists and philosophers focused their debate, apart from questions concerning the foundations and possible modern applications of quantum theory, especially on the role of probability and its possible interpretations.

As a result of the workshop a CD with audio recordings of the presentations and discussions was produced.