Evolution of Genes, Languages and Cultures

The Research Group

Having emerged from a single project – the development of the evolution programme "Network" – the Research Group tries to reconstruct prehistoric languages and DNA molecules with the help of phylogenetic networking techniques which were originally developed to reconstruct the evolution of DNA.


Progress report

Forster, P.; Toth, A., Toward a phylogenetic chronology of ancient Gaulish, Celtic, and Indo-European, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA (PNAS), Vol. 100/ No. 15, July 22, 2003, 9079-9084


The phylogenetic shareware software used by the RG can be downloaded for free.

Popular scientific article

Hamel, E.; Vennemann, T.; Forster, P., Die Ursprache der Alteuropäer, Spektrum der Wissenschaften, Mai 2002, 32.

Vaskonic was the Protolanguage of the Continent