Chance, Time and Partition Function

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In physics, statistical mechanics is one of the fundamental theories, since any description of systems with many subsystems – such as crystals, metals, liguids or gases – depends on statistical methods. In natural philosophy and philosophy of science however, questions of statistical mechanics are eclipsed by problems of interpretation connected to quantum mechanics and the theories of relativity. On this, the RG Chance, Time and Partition Function organised a conference in 2006.

Philosophy of Statistical Mechanics

Philosophy of Statistical Mechanics

At the conference organised by the RG in March 2006, entitled "Time, Chance, and Reduction – Philosophical Aspects of Statistical Mechanics", international scientists debated questions of natural philosophy motivated by statistical mechanics.

Conference Proceedings "Time, Chance and Reduction"

In 2009, the conference proceedings "Time, Chance and Reduction" were published by Cambridge University Press, concluding the work of the RG Chance, Time and Partition Function.



  • Andreas Hüttemann


    Andreas Hüttemann
    Universität zu Köln
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  • Gerhard Ernst

    Gerhard Ernst
    Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
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  • Christian Fleischhack

    Christian Fleischhack
    Mathematics / Theoretical Physics
    Universität Paderborn
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  • Walter Hofstetter

    Walter Hofstetter
    Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main
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  • Cord Müller

    Cord Müller
    Theoretical Physics
    Bayerisches Landesamt für Maß und Gewicht
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