Big Data

The Research Group

How does Big Data influence current research and how does it help to acquire new scientific insights? What are definitions of this term in different disciplines? How does work with 'big data' differ from work with 'small data'? Does Big Data transform individual disciplines, methods, results, and resources? This research group investigates how science is developing in an age preoccupied with large data sets and how Big Data creates new insights in the various disciplines.


In particular we are interested in

1) the scientific landscape. What kind of transformations do we observe among disciplines and subdisciplines and what, after all, do we mean by the term Big Data in different fields of investigation?

2) methods. What methods are employed in order to gain new insights based on Big Data? How do these methods differ from 'Small' Data? Which new methods are developed and which are becoming obsolete? What methodological challenges and advantages result from large data sets?

3) questions. How does Big Data reset the questions which we (may) ask? And how does this new kind of data analysis influence our research findings?

4) the research landscape. Is "modern" research becoming more strongly tied to specific centres of excellence that can afford the technical equipment for the analysis of Big Data?

5) data resources. How should Big Data be managed in terms of sheer size? Are data resources becoming more homogenous or diverse?

2015: 58th ZEIT Science Forum

On the 5th of May 2015 the 58th ZEIT Science Forum took place in the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Berlin. The forum was held on the topic of "Big-Data: The end of autonomy and privacy?", moderated by Ulrich Blumenthal (Deutschlandfunk) and Andreas Sentker (DIE ZEIT). Die Junge Akademie member Gordon Kampe was on the panel to join the discussion.

Program (German, pdf)

2015: Symposium „Big Data and the Future of Research ...“

From 17th to 19th of February 2015 an interdisciplinary symposium of Die Junge Akademie and the Israel Young Academy on the topic of "Big Data and the Future of Research in the Digital Age" took place in Jerusalem, Israel.

Program (pdf)