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For the past several years the field of artistic theory has been the site of a debate about whether artistic working methods or the knowledge gained through artistic practice – within the fine arts, music, literature, and theatre – and the underlying work processes, can also be defined as “research”. Considering the opportunities currently available for obtaining a PhD within the arts (Dr. phil in art, Doctor of Arts, Doctor in Practice), one can assume that artistic research is indeed being conducted, at least at the specific art schools and universities offering these degrees.


In this context, the RG ‘Art as Research’ asks (itself) the question: What are the similarities and differences between artistic and scientific practices? Furthermore, the RG seeks to investigate the still very young history of the institutionalisation of artistic research in Germany. This topic touches on fundamental questions of the concepts of both art and science, and the RG brings artists and scientists into dialogue with each other to discuss these questions in a cross-disciplinary setting.

On the one hand, the Research Group addresses the current relationship between art and science: Who has the power to decide which practices of experimentation, of discovery, and of criticism are deemed “artistic” or “scientific”? Which rules of argumentation, proof, and doubt apply in the different fields of art and science?

On the other hand, the RG explores future prospects within the relationship between art and science: Can both sides benefit from the other’s research practices? Can they inspire each other? What would suitable structures and languages of such an exchange look like?

Last but not least, the RG examines the controversial special status of artistic research within academic institutions: Which forms of artistic research are currently practiced in Germany? What are the focal points of this research in terms of methodology and content? What are the criteria used to evaluate artistic research? What are the typical presentation formats (i.e. “piece & paper”)? Where and with whom does research take place?

Art and Science

The RG Art as Research and sch wa nk hal le held an artistic-scientific project between March and June 2017 in Bremen. For the project artists and scientists were asked to apply for an interim use of a vacant residential building on the grounds of the Klinikum Bremen Mitte.

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Documentation of Events

Salons and Symposiums

The Research Group has organised a number of conferences since 2009.

Project "Climate Capsules"

How do we want to live in the future? What will our daily lives look like when climate change becomes a tangible reality? These were the questions of the 2010 exhibition "Climate Capsules – Conditions of Survival during the Catastrophe", which was curated by RG member Friedrich von Borries.



  • Miriam Akkermann


    Miriam Akkermann
    Musicology/Sound Art
    Universität Bayreuth
    Miriam Akkermann more
  • Viktoria Tkaczyk

    Viktoria Tkaczyk
    Cultural Studies / Science History
    Max-Planck-Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Berlin
    Viktoria Tkaczyk more
  • Kai Wiegandt

    Kai Wiegandt
    English language and literature
    Freie Universität Berlin
    Kai Wiegandt more
  • Moritz Renner

    Moritz Renner
    Universität Mannheim
    Moritz Renner more
  • Evelyn Runge

    Evelyn Runge
    Political Science / Media and Cultural Studies / Journalism / Photography
    The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)
    Evelyn Runge more
  • Gordon Kampe

    Gordon Kampe
    Music Science / Composing
    Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg
    Gordon Kampe more
  • Silja Klepp

    Silja Klepp
    Ethnology, Human Geography
    Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
    Silja Klepp more
  • Bernhard Herbordt Melanie Mohren

    Bernhard Herbordt Melanie Mohren
    Bernhard Herbordt Melanie Mohren more
  • Emanuel V. Towfigh

    Emanuel V. Towfigh
    EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht
    Emanuel V. Towfigh more
  • Pirkko Husemann

    Pirkko Husemann
    Theatre Studies / Dance Dramaturgy
    Schwankhalle Bremen
    Pirkko Husemann more
  • Christian Stein

    Christian Stein
    Literature, Linguistics and Informatics
    Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
    Christian Stein more
  • Katharina Heyden

    Katharina Heyden
    Evangelical Theology
    Universität Bern (Schweiz)
    Katharina Heyden more
  • Simon Lentner

    Simon Lentner
    Mathematics / Theoretical Physics
    Universität Hamburg
    Simon Lentner more
  • Nausikaä El-Mecky

    Nausikaä El-Mecky
    History of Art
    Heidelberg School of Education
    Nausikaä El-Mecky more
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