Rebellious Teaching

About the Project

How far can you go as an educator? The Rebellious Teaching conference brings together researchers, artists, teachers and activists who use subversive, edgy methods, yet teach in schools, universities and other educational institutions and are thus funded or supported by public institutions. They show how teaching does not necessarily maintain existing structures, it can also question, or even attack, institutional and social norms. By Rebellious Teaching we mean teaching methods that cross borders, that are so didactically and conceptually innovative that they are everything but "scholarly".


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Find out more about the event on Deutschlandfunk (in German)

More on BR by Sven Kästner (starting at 18:40, in German)


Article by Lily Ash: "We want kids to succeed at school – but do we stifle creativity?" (The Scotsman, 10.03.2020)



The conference is highly interdisciplinary – in addition to didactics, Rebellious Teaching techniques are also used to address virtual reality, gender issues or the colonial past – the speakers not only use innovative educational methods, but also use them to raise awareness for discrimination, heteronormativity or problematic – and suppressed – historical events.

The conference is intended as a pilot meeting for the possible development of an e-learning course for innovative learning methods. During the conference, participants will explore the possibilities for
such a programme.


Photography & Drawings by Daniella Hefter (The Fox Is Mine) 2019

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