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About the Project

The online platform alma meta is a joint project of the Junge Akademie and the Deutsche Gesellschaft Juniorprofessur e. V. (DGJ). It is expressly designed as an open project and invites all interested parties and other interest groups to become involved in the editorial team, whether with a one-off guest contribution or with a regular series.


alma meta is an online platform that researches, prepares and presents information for researchers in early career phases for discussion. It questions developments in higher education policy and reports on the situation of scientists and scholars at their universities. It aims to facilitate an open discourse among all those who wish to contribute to improving the professional situation and career prospects of researchers. The discourse on the platform is primarily intended to activate: scientists as well as universities and politics. There are many problem diagnoses and suggestions for improvement. This project is about stimulating the actual implementation of measures and accompanying them with a critical view.
The contributions on the platform reflect the opinion of the author.

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