Psychopathology of the social brain

About the Project

The pharmacist and neuroscientist Jan Haaker and the psychologist and neuroscientist Philipp Kanske are organizing a symposium on "Psychopathology of the social brain". The symposium is a satellite event of the EACLIPT 2019.



The satellite symposium aims to bring together European researchers from diverse backgrounds that study alterations of social interaction and its underlying cognitive and affective mechanisms in mental disorders. The format will be one of relatively brief update presentations (20-25 min) to yield room for discussion in a round of experts.

Confirmed presenters are:

Katja Bertsch
Bishmadev Chakrabarti
Birgit Dernt
Clare Margaret Eddy
Alessandro Grecucci
Antonia Hamilton
Jan Haaker
Philipp Kanske
Sören Krach
Patricia Lockwood
Daniela Mier
Giorgia Silani

Further information about the event