School is in at the Junge Akademie

The concept

"School is in at the Junge Akademie" gives schoolchildren a flavour of what makes science special, and a valuable opportunity to put a face to the people who work in this field. Split up into small groups, the youngsters can learn at close quarters what (interdisciplinary) academic pursuits are all about, how to make a career in the sciences and humanities, and how these disciplines affect our lives.

Let’s get dangerous

Whether we are talking about financial crises, natural disasters, important examinations, prescription drugs or even just a game we are playing – how do we assess risk, and how do we relate to it? What are its deeper meanings, how is it perceived by different disciplines, and what role does it play in our everyday lives? The Junge Akademie organised an interdisciplinary symposium to explore this subject area. The meeting was attended by members of the Junge Akademie and other scholars from a wide range of disciplines, from computer science and mathematics to ecology, history, and literary and cultural studies and even practitioners of the visual and performing arts.


"There was a feeling of incredible dynamism, thanks to the interdisciplinary approach taken to the subject."

Marlen, Gymnasium Hofwil, Berne