New Ideas for Everyday Life at the University

New Ideas for Everyday Life at the University

In 2011 the Junge Akademie and the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft announced the idea contest UniGestalten. The goal: to generate concrete propositions for simplifying and improving everyday life at the university.

Anyone interested and living in German-speaking countries can participate – students of all disciplines and university forms, alumni, employees in teaching, research, technics and administration as well as project partners from the economy. There are prizes worth 15.000 Euros in total; a jury presided by Julian Nida-Rümelin, Professor of Philosophy from Munich and former Secretary of State for Cultural Affairs chose the winners.

During the competition phase, 462 proposals for tomorrow's university were entered on the project's website. 688 participants discussed them in 3.700 comments to develop the ideas further. The complete pool of ideas as well as further information on the competition can be found on


"The university of the future: It needs to be open to include civilian society in research processes. Beyond interdisciplinarity, an efficient transdisciplinary form needs to be developed. This does not just preculde financial investments, but also investments into ideas and autonomy, into the opening into the world."

Klaus Töpfer,