Expedition Mundus

A team of scientists from different disciplines are sent on a mission: to find another planet where people can live. During the mission the team stumbles upon a planet with intelligent beings: planet Mundus. The scientists start researching: what is gravity like over here, are there seasons? Are the local animals dangerous? How about the language of the inhabitants? And what do the yellow triangles mean?

Expediton Mundus is an exciting game with cards containing research questions for students to explore an unknown planet. They have to gather information, exchange data and publish results: in short: they have to work like a team of scientists. The game is suitable for all subjects. Students will get introduced to the essence of science in a playful way during one school hour.

In this game 'science' refers not only to the natural sciences, but also to the humanities and the social sciences. Mundus shows pupils that science is not about ’knowing a lot’, but rather about curiosity, creativity and logical thinking. That makes Expedition Mundus the perfect starting point for inquiry-based learning.
The game is intended for primary and secundary shool pupils, aged 8 and up.

de Jonge Akademie

Expedition Mundus in English