Virtual-Reality has never before been so "real"

Today's virtual reality head-sets allow for unprecedented possibilities of delving into strange new worlds. Having continuously evolved since the 80s they are now fast and precise enough to create virtual spaces that appear real.
The video shows how two aspcts of virtuality converge. The first renders the physical outside world completely invisible for the viewer, who is fully immersed in a digitally modeled world. The second allows the viewer to still see his surroundings. Additionally he sees further virtual objects that have the appearance of existing, while only being superimposed onto the image: A geodetic dome emerges from the viewer's hand as a geometric object. It turns into a radome, starts to rotate and transforms into a globe. As night slowly falls bright lines leave Berlin and connect it to the world, showing the informational proximity of the physically distant. Hereby the issue of space, and what it means to the viewer becomes an experienceable sensation.