Exhibit "Using Energy Sustainably" on the MS Wissenschaft, 2012

This joint project realised by the RG Sustainability, the University of Greifswald and wind power plant producer Enercon saw the interactive exhibit "Using Energy Sustainably" tour Germany and Austria on the MS Wissenschaft as part of the 2012 edition of the Science Year run by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The software application which formed the basis for the exhibit is now freely available at until further notice. The application takes the form of an educational game dealing with the opportunities and boundaries which accompany a sustainable approach to energy. More specifically, it looks at how carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption can be reduced in a house, at a university or within a city. What effect do energy-saving light bulbs have on household carbon dioxide emissions? What if you use environmentally friendly electricity? How do the savings delivered by each of these measures stack up against each other – i.e. which measures are the most worthwhile? In the case of a university, should environmental managers with a limited green initiatives budget favour the introduction of organic canteen food, the modernisation of heating systems or a "recycled only" approach to paper procurement?

Exhibit “Using Energy Sustainably”: report and photos

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