Interdisciplinary Collaboration

The Research Groups – diverse and happy to experiment

Members of the Junge Akademie are free to choose their preferred form of work. Research Groups (RGs) have proved to be a successful form – interdisciplinary Research Groups which are established by the Junge Akademie's plenum and which are open to all interested members. Normally the RGs do not limit themselves to discussions among an inner circle: the groups organise larger symposiums and cultural events, conduct studies and publish their research results.

One could say the Research Groups are the core of the Junge Akademie; there have been over 40 of them. Their topics and goals were and are as diverse as the members themselves – but they all share the sense of the innovative and the experimental, of interdisciplinarity and diversity.

Apart from the interdisciplinary academic discourse, the Junge Akademie promotes initiatives at the intersection of academia and society, and it is very involved in questions of science policy – there are RGs for this area, but also very diverse projects. Internationally, the Junge Akademie is involved in several cooperations as well as in a gradually emerging network of similar institutions.


How does Big Data influence current research and how does it help to acquire new scientific insights? What are definitions of this term in different disciplines? How does work with 'big data' differ from work with 'small data'?

the Research Group

The RG asks (itself) what the similarities and differences between artistic and scientific practice are.

The Research Group

Pictures make up a big part in science. From the viewpoint of different disciplines the RG Visualisation take a look at what effects pictures have on science.

The Research Group

What is fascination, how can it be generated, represented or staged and what role does it play in today's media and information society?

The Research Group

What exactly does sustainable thinking and acting mean, especially in academia, and why has it not long since become a given?

The Research Group

The RG Science Policy focuses on surveys, proposals and events on the different aspects in the context of science and politics.

The Research Group
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