Workshop „Interdisciplinary Conversations on the Fairness, Explainability and Uncertainty of AI“


Members of the RG Artificial Intelligence will meet for an interdisciplinary dialogue on the chances and limits of AI and its applications. Different disciplines bring different perspectives to the table and similar sounding concepts do not necessarily mean the same. Moreover, even if concepts are the same across disciplines, different fields might focus on distinct aspects. The workshop “Interdisciplinary Conversations on the Fairness, Explainability and Uncertainty of AI” tries to bridge these gaps and brings researchers from different disciplines in conversation about these three major concepts of current research on AI.


At the beginning of each of three panels (representing Fairness, Explainability and Uncertainty Quantification), a presentation from the field of computer sciences or statistics will provide a conceptual basis for further interdisciplinary exchange. This presentation will be followed by presentations reflecting current research related to the respective concepts from different disciplines, such as computer sciences, political sciences, sociology, social psychology, or law. Each presentation will take the broad background of the audience that might come with different preconceptions into account. With this set up, the research group hopes to stimulate an engaging interdisciplinary debate across disciplines and applications; and hopes to encourage the dialogue between groups who substantively work on the same topics.


The workshop is organised by Nadja Klein and Pascal Langenbach.

  • Monday, 19. September 2022 - Tuesday, 20. September 2022
  • Berlin
  • Internal