Annual Celebration


Welcoming ten new members

As is tradition, the admission of ten new members will take place in a festive setting. On the same occasion, Die Junge Akademie will bid farewell to ten members who will become alumnae after five years of membership. The summer evening will be interspersed with an artistic production and performances on the theme of "The interplay of science, art and religion".


Workshop "Life with measurement: futures in the present"


In an interdisciplinary workshop, the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, together with Die Junge Akademie, puts the practices of surveying as part of everyday life up for discussion. The event aims to challenge the title of the BBAW's current annual theme 2021|22, "Die Vermessung des Lebendigen", in that the workshop does not juxtapose the practices of surveying with the living, but puts them up for discussion as part of everyday life.