The Beginnings

On June 29, 2000 Die Junge Akademie was launched for initially ten years. The beginning was marked by the founders' critique of the deficiencies of the German academic system, which offers young academics little opportunity of developing freely or shaping the academic system.


In his ceremonial address upon the founding, the then President of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities (BBAW), Dieter Simon, described the core notions as follows: "We are under the impression that the German academic system is outstandingly age-friendly ... The development of young academics has slowed down. They become self-sufficient too late and are controlled gerontocratically or advised paternalistically. During their intellectual blooming, they have little opportunity of engaging in the academic process autonomously and institutionally secured, or participating in shaping it and its future. It should therefore almost be the duty of an established and self-critical academy to found an academy for young academics. It could be a first and humble attempt at compensating deficiencies at least in one respect.

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Interviews and Reports

Die Junge Akademie magazine's anniversary issue also offers some insight into the first ten years' work of Die Junge Akademie.